Website Privacy Statement

Lake & Shore Community Recreation Society (hereafter referred to as the Society) makes every reasonable attempt to safeguard your privacy. The Society will not make available individual member information or data to any third party (except where required by regulation, court order, official authority or applicable law). The Society will only use data collected for internal and community purposes, including but not limited to, improving site services or extending special offers to our members.

The Society does not sell or divulge the names of its visitors or members to mail lists or other corporations.

What information is collected?
Membership: If you choose to interact with the Society as a member of this site or a newsletter subscriber, you will be asked to register with this site. The minimal information for your member profile is a username (screen name), password and email address. After receiving your membership to the site you may add demographic and personal information to your profile to share with other members of the web community. Certain features of the site – such as blogs, discussion forums, etc. may also capture information you choose to offer and these may also be available to other web community members associated with your screen name.

Contests and Special Offers: From time to time the Society may present contests, special offers, and business commercials sponsored by outside organizations. The contests may ask for contact information, demographics, and opinions.

Polls: The Society is interested in collecting opinions, user experience and community statistics relating to sports, recreation, culture, etc. From time to time, we may add polls to our site to facilitate (usually anonymous) responses to these polls.

Electronic Collection: Some features of our site utilize automated electronic means of data collection such as cookies and login details. These features may track details of your visit to our site including time and date of your visit, browser type, navigation history, and your IP address.

How is the information used?
Your email address and other information is not made public without your consent and none of our user profiles are ever sold or provided to third parties without consent.

Your response to sponsor offers including contact information will be between you and the sponsor. Personal information collected in regards to such offers are outside of our control and outside of our privacy policy.

Profile data, electronic data and subscriptions are used generally to communicate with members and to improve services. We may, for example, send out Society communications including newsletters, appeals, event notices, etc. to our member list or to specific groups within the membership.

Aggregate data including web statistics and poll responses may be shared with partners (e.g. HRM, Provincial Government, other Societies) without any associated personal data. This information may be used to improve the website and its services, or to help the Society to make strategic decisions about recreation programming, offers, and services.

How can members control information collected?
As a member of the site, you have full control of all profile data and the choices of communications (e.g. News/ newsletters) through your profile (My Account) which is available after you log in. You can share as much or as little personal information as you like with the community and the Society beyond the minimum required information keeping in mind that other than your login details anything you offer will be available to all members.

You can turn off cookies in your browser to prevent the system from using it to track your site visit (however this may prevent you from interacting with certain features of the site). If you wish to have your member account cancelled, you can request a cancellation to the Board’s Secretary at the address below. You may also use this contact to inquire further about our privacy and use of information policy.

The Society reserves the right to amend this policy at any time and without notice to you or any of its members. Such amendment will come into force at the time of its publication. If you are concerned about your privacy relating to this site, the Society recommends you review this policy from time to time and direct any inquiries to:

Facility & Program Manager
Lake & Shore Community Recreation Society
40 Inspiration Drive
Porter’s Lake, NS

or use the Contact form on the Contact Us Page


The Lake & Shore Community Recreation Centre is run as a municipally-owned, volunteer operated (MOVO) facility. The Lake & Shore Community Recreation Society is a non-profit organization created to allow for community-based management of the HRSB owned/HRM leased recreation center built as an annex to Porters Lake Elementary School .The Recreation Centre opened in September, 2011

Lake & Shore Community Recreation Centre
40 Inspiration Drive
Porters Lake, NS

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