Nerf Party

Invite your friends to join you in a Nerf Birthday Battle!
All equipment supplied!
Mandatory safety glasses provided!
Organized games include:
Capture the Flag
Zombies vs Humans
Target Shooting
$150 +HST 
Ages 5+
(Birthday Child + 15 guests)
Party includes full gym with instructors
for 1 hour and use of multi purpose room for 1 hour.
1/2 hour clean-up time as per rental agreement



The Lake & Shore Community Recreation Centre is run as a municipally-owned, volunteer operated (MOVO) facility. The Lake & Shore Community Recreation Society is a non-profit organization created to allow for community-based management of the HRSB owned/HRM leased recreation center built as an annex to Porters Lake Elementary School .The Recreation Centre opened in September, 2011

Lake & Shore Community Recreation Centre
40 Inspiration Drive
Porters Lake, NS

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